Hello to all...

its been some time since i edited this site.. i'm been very busy this year.. and i'm very sorry for that.. just to let you all know.. i've pass on my baton of vice president last month.. so i'm trying to look for some one suitable to keep this site on.. unfortunately... theres no suitable choice..

now heres some update on the club... today, 12 japanese came to our school.. it wasn't so plesant.. i would consider this project a failure although it ran out smoothly... it has been all chaotic.. i'm really dissapointed with the new elects.. too bad i can't upload any pics coz i'm in a cyber...

thats all for now.. keep on commenting =)

28 July 2008

A few words from the editor...

Greetings to all distinguished Lions and trusted Leos,
    Its has been a month since our club's website has been officially declared opened, and according to our records, many have visited our site, the highest record was 49 views in a day. I, on the behalf of our club, would like to thank you all for your continuous supports. It had made our club and also our site very successful! But however, I haven't really got any supports or any feedback from you all. Is the site too good or is it that you don't know where to comment us? You can go to the Contact Us! page or click here to comment. Please COMMENT us! We really need it and will appreciate it.
    This month (September) is indeed a very meaningful month for us because we had done our SPA project which is on a Environmental Project of our school's Leo Garden. Theres some photos in the gallery which is located need the bottom part. BUT it is also a very unpleasant month for us as someone (we don't know who) vandalized our lovely garden, just days after the project was carried out. Three of our main and also our biggest plant was bought down! Making a big change to our garden. Now, we are trying to restore the garden back to its former 'glory' but that will certainly take a lot of time and money.
    Lastly, I would like to make a few announcement, we will merged this month's monthly report and treasurer report together due to some problem. And I have decided that I will update this site monthly no matter what happen and all the updates will be ready before the 5th of the following month.
                    *Please support us continuously, we need it and please comment! Thank you!*
"We Serve! and we CARE!"
Yours in the Leo Spirit,
                        Kelvin Wong
(Vice President and Site Editor of the club)
                    1st October 2007

15 November 2007

Greetings to all visitors of the site!
First of all, I would apologize to you all for the reckless editor entry that I've done for last month and I would also I like to apologize for the late update of site for this month, I believe that we all leos we busy with our exams and hasn't had much activities and I'm pretty busy myself too... okay.. thats an excuse... But I really can't made it.. so, I will spend much more time on updating the site these few month since we are having A-TWO-MONTH HOLIDAY! I might update it twice every fortnight. I really wish I can make this site a even better one.. thats why I really need COMMENTS! It seems like the comment rate had decreased sharply... actually those who had commented before, can comment again, the more the better! And you don't have to say all the good things only since you might or might not know me. BUT I prefer critics  because thats what that make us  improve!  Or is the site really that good?
Next, I would like to bring forward to you some of the activities that we might do in the coming month. We might do a project for December's SPA project and as you all know or might not, we, Leo Club of SMK Sungai Tapang, is having its 5th anniversary next year. So we are mainly focused on that and on the 26th of November we will have the Joint Anniversary Dinner at The Banquet (COMFIRMED, lets just hope it goes smoothly).
Lastly, I will like to thanks the you all for your support to our site and to the club, and can you all please do me a favor and promote the site to anyone you know?

                        Kelvin Wong
(Editor of the site, Vice President of the Club)
                   15th November 2007

*p/s: I might add in some thing about our Lion and Leo Club's vision and things related to it, so it will be a site suitable to non-member too, so you can ask anyone to view it!*

5th January 2008

Hi everyone, I, on the behalf of the Leo Club of SMK Sungai Tapang, like to wish everyone of you a very happy new year of 2008!
First of all, I would like to apologize, it seems like I have failed my holidays promises, I didn't expected that I have to be so busy this holiday, even busier than school days.. so I'm sorry!
For this update, I added another page, the Special Reports page because we had done some very special activities during the holidays.. and thats all.. i have to go., to sleep!

                           Kelvin Wong
(Editor of the site, Vice President of the Club)
                   6th January 2008

p/s: keep on the comment!

20 April 2008

*Gulp* I know, I know.. its been something since i even log into this site..
    I was busy with life (Its my last year in school) and I'm grounded off my computer lately for getting such a poor result... I can only get on on weekends..
    How is everyone's club doing lately? As far as I know, most club are inactive after the new year.. come on guys.. we got to have the LEO SPIRIT in us.. if we all are in this lazy state.. how can we help others?
    Emm.. its april already.. have everyone handed in their Leo 72? we still don't know who to choose to lead our Leo Club of SMK Sungai Tapang for FY 2008/2009..
    As you all know or might not, we just came back from the R2 Leo Camp in Sibu.. only 18 leos from Kuching joined.. including the St. Thomas' President, Leo Lenny Kho.. It was fun and enjoyable although me myself aren't really happy with the way tthe OC, Leo Agnes Wong do her stuff... but I get to have fun and know some new friends from other parts of Sarawak.. so... forget it?
    Lion Chia.. where the hell are you? We are trying to look for you these few months.. you didn't contact us and when we contact you, you are always busy with stuff.. come Lion.. if you want to be a club adviser can you be more serious?
    Basically.. thats what happened this few months... and starting from July, they will be another editor and I don't know who is that yet.. I'm gonna retire soon =p

             Kelvin Wong
               The Editor
             20 April 2008