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To make this gallery page more tidy... I have decided to make a few links to link you guys to some other pages where the photos will be... just click on the links below to view more photos...
Region 2 Leo Camp (In Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia)

Japanese YE

Daughter of Lion Chia

Father and Daughter?

More wasabi please!

Can you add more wasabi onto it? And can I have some of those?

Sushi Making.. Let the pros do the work!

Japanese YE making sushi for us!

Wasabi Challenge!

WHAT? You challenge me? I'm known as the wasabi king! Now, give me your best shot!(Actually... he don't know how to eat wasabi.. he was jumping up and down after he ate it... he's just bluffing!)

Leo Installation Dinner Fiscal Year 07/08
(4th August 2007)

A 'almost' group photo..

A 'almost' group photo that was taken during the installation dinner fiscal year 07/08... the two that is sitting at the very left side of the picture are beloved Lions..

Our Men!

Our MEN that attended the dinner that night.. err... yup.. those two are men too.. coz they act like one and look like one... LOLZ!

Our vice president, treasurer and a.. i don't know?

Three little pigs who think they are very beautiful.. haha... (vomiting..) ;p

Our MC

Our Master of Ceremony for the night... Leo Amy Ting From SMK Arang Road and Leo Maxbie from Swinburne University... Its a job well done..


The Plant Terminators

Hey hey hey! What do you guys think you are doing? You are killing those plant! Better stop it!
No, we are just gonna replant it!

Whats that?

A bed of soil.. just need some time before the plant grow back... now it looks like a mummy's tomb!

Throwing Away!

Better get those thrown!


HEY! Who left those there? Better clear em out!

Leo Logos

Heres some Leo Logo in case you guys need it.