Lets Comment!

Come on everyone! LETS COMMENT! It has been month since the web has been opened, but i still haven't receive any comments till lately.. So, I decided to post it out, and all of your comments will be posted too.. so, please comment! *Please add in your nation after your name, eg. Kelvin, Malaysia*

was surfing web and i came across this site, very kewl club and nice photos....
i definately want to visit over there in malaysia someday.

By Justin from Canada.
11 October 2007

haha awesome! well commenting...

By Kay from US
15 October 2007

Awesome site, good layout, informative, and very pleasing to the eye, it's easy
to navigate and in general very professional. You did a great job. I'm very impressed. <3

By Jenny from US
18 October 2007

Heh awesome site it's pretty cool

By Zuly from Puerto Rico
18 October 2007

hey!!! you did an awesome job!! i like it a lot!! =]..you did a good job with
the colors and every thing to =]

By Anna from US
19 October 2007

ok, since u insisted me to giv a comment. ok. well, the page is pretty cool
but....the gallery part is very funny. u can stil add more to make it more interesting lo.
but stil i wil definitely tel the authorities la. hahaha. guess who is me lo. i know u all
n the editor of this web. hahaha. gud luck.

By Abby from Kuching, Malaysia
20 October 2007

Not Bad, Not Bad

By Lee Parsons from England

u clever. i know u wil noe it one la. now gues who is me lo if u think u is so
clever. not Abby. tell authorities tat u feed the old folks wit the fallen foods lo. the
last part u think yourself la. cool page though.

By Melenie from Malaysia

correct the grammar and spelling...besides that, well done...

By Mark from Kuching, Malaysia

Kelvin Wong , u have done a good job ,i like it ! But , i think u still can do
better lei ...
Wei from Kuching Malaysia

u make me.. wanna join Leo! so cool!
Chong Guan Feng
27 April 2008

yahoo!!!!Leo Club!Ganbatte!!
30 April 2008

*sorry dude, you only left a name and said nothing.. if you ever visit again,plese comment.. thanks for visting anyway!
3 May 2008

i hope to join leo clubs,how to join?


15 July 2008

What a neat looking site! =D
It's quite informative as well xp
Keep up the good job guys~ ^^

jei, Philippines

19 Septemeber 2008

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