Region 2 2007~2008 Leo Camp

Sibu Trip

Tapang Leos in Sibu! WOOT!

Tapangs' Boys

Some idiotic boys acting cool...

The Little "Mermaid"?

Drama time: John (the boy) acting as the little mermaid (vomits) and Sharon as the charming prince (OMG! what the hell's wrong with the world these days?)

Kung Fu Hustle

Woo... Pow... Can someone call the police? Someone's fighting life and death... >.<" and all those people only knows how to video em..

Tapang vs Wong Nai Siong

A photo taken with Leos from SMK Sungai Tapang and Leos of SMK Wong Nai Siong,Sibu

~I'm so Tired~

Hey... committee.. the Lions are giving their speech.. can you stop yawning and listen to them? As a respect?


A happy couple dancing their way through the crowds


These people seems tired with their face full of sweat but I think they are satisfied with the result for that day?


Emm... is the guy a sex-maniac or he simply just found the bra on the floor? Better stay away from him...

Team Mango

Team Mango! Come on.. give them some applauses! Thanks!

Group Photo

A photo taken with Lions and OC Agnes Wong and Leos of SMK Sungai Tapang and SMK St. Thomas, Kuching

Committee Lily Sia

Aww.. Lily.. whats wrong? You look sad? Is it because the camp is coming to an end and that you will miss us? No worries.. Just call us out and treat us to some kampua (Sibu Delicacy) LOL